Beauty & The Beast The Musical

Saturday, July 12, 2008

I had watch quite a number of musical and theater play and when the recent musical is in town. I decided to drag my other half to go watch it. We are suppose to go watch P Ramlee earlier of the month, but due to our tight work schedule, we decided to skip that and just go for Beauty and the Beast. There's lot of kids watching it that night, and it's really annoying when there's a small little girl sitting beside me, who keep asking question non-stop. At one point, I feel like telling her mother to shut her daughter up. But since we are civilized people, we decided to give them a break as it's a children musical after all. It was a surprise to see Jeremy and his girlfriend there. It was even more surprise when he told me that his parent is also there!

Beauty & The Casts - Taken during this light refreshment session before the show.

So that was all for end of June. After the show, it was work and work again. I did not even have the time to get my broken fishing rod replace. Maybe will buy another one, while send this broken one for replacement or repair. At the same time, I was also trying to buy a new running shoe, my old one didn't survive my China's trip (must be too alot of walking in extreme condition). Running shoe are not cheap nowadays and I have yet to find one that I like. I was thinking of getting one of those Nike one that can be use with Ipod. But then I'm still considering about it.

With this tight schedule lately, I had turn down lot of my friends request to hang out and watch movie together. It become so bad till some of them think I have some sort of problem. They think it's problem with my relationship, and one of them even send me sms to console me or whatever. I responded back with another sms, and then I was told not to be like Mr T and his singlehood's poison. Mr T, I think he must be badly hurt previously by some bad relationship, but then I have no problem with that. I always think for whatever shit God took from you, God gave me triple in return. Yeah, Kelly and David told me that long time ago. I have to admit, it's very true. I have more than triple whatever that I had loose.

Anyway, incase, you are wondering why I don't have time for hanging out together with my friends. It's because the hanging out turn out to be dull and predictable nowadays. If you know, I'm a rather spontaneous guy, who like new stuff, and new experiences. Check out the photo below and you will know what I mean.

Mr Ed dozing off when we were all hanging out at SS2 Wongkok Char Chan Teng. If you ever been there, you know it's bloody noisy, and yet ...

Another Mr #$@!^& dozing off when we were hanging out at Strawberry Cafe. Can you believe it?

Disclaimer: The above photos of friends dozing off is just an illustration of the writer's feeling. It may not reflect the true event or incident.

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