Saturday, November 17, 2007

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Fishing @ Paka

Earlier this month I had a trip to Paka, Terengganu. The night before the trip, there is a big news about the flood, tidal waves, strong wind, moonson. Well, look at the news below ...

KOTA BARU: The east coast states will be hit by both the annual monsoon and “La Nina” this year.

A spokesman with the weather forecast regional office in Gong Kedak, Terengganu, said that Kelantan, Terengganu and Pahang should brace themselves for unusually heavy rainfall, in a combination of the monsoon and “La Nina” effects.

The state flood relief committee has been put on standby in the face of the Meteorological Department's predictions of heavy rainfall in the next 72-hours.

The department also warned inshore fishermen in smallboats to take precautions in the face of 40km per hour winds and tidal waves reaching up to 2.5m.

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That night, I remember something very important. I remember I'm the type of person who like to take risk, and seize the day! Look like I'm still the same old guy with some guts. So off I went to danger zone to comfront flood, tidal waves and whatever mother nature want to unleash. Afterall, we only live this life once, live it with no regret or live it like a coward.

After driving for hours, we finally reach Paka early in the morning. I'm hoping to see and experience rough sea (like those you see in Deadliest Catch) but the weather had never been better. In fact, it's more calm than the moment when I was out at sea in Port Klang (that was scary) or the night we went to Pulau Pemanggil, that was also very rough (it's like sitting on a pirate ship at amusement park). To be honest, I was lucky that time, by the time I was reaching Pulau Pemanggil, I was dead cold, burping (about to vomit), hungry and was glad that I'm a survivor that night! Well, Paka was like fishing in a very big calm lake but we are actually out at the sea. Anyway, we are not too far out from the mainland. You still get to see the mainland and Pulau Tenggol from a distance.

It was a good trip, except for some !#&^*@ ... I was working hard with my jigging but without any result. In the end, I just go and fish for some tuna. Even my buddy aka sifu also work very hard with his jigging. Also no result ... maybe it's because we are at the front of the boat. In the end, buddy aka sifu got pissed and went off to sleep. But I think he caught a corbia earlier, and as he unhook the fish, he was telling everyone that he want to release the fish (he's a catch and release guy). Some joker or maybe I should address him as bastard, just take a stick and whack the fish, while my buddy unhook the fish! Ignoring my buddy, that bastard just take the fish and throw into the icebox. That's not even a big corbia for god sake! Okay, at least I realise I'm quite a gentlemen or else I would have beat the shit out of him ... nar, I'm not a fighter, I'm a lover (just like Michael Jackson).

After fishing for one whole day, we had a few spanish mackerel (tenggiri), many-many tuna (tongkol), a few squid, and many small fishes including a table size grouper. It may just a silly fishing trip but I learn many stuff from this trip.

1) Don't ever trust the weatherman!!!!! Just trust and have faith in yourself!
2) Don't have to listen to another fisherman or "singalingam" ... everyone has their own fishing method, and it too can excel.
3) The list can just go on and on ... but I'm not going to be a "singalingam" here ...

The best part of that trip is not the fishing, but the nice weather, and eating nasi dagang! Did you know there's 7-11 in Paka? But there's no bacardi, beer or even condom in that 7-11! No wonder our singalingam friend went cuckoo staying there ... LOL!

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UFO in Malaysia?

Friday, November 02, 2007

Before I get to blog about Sai Baba, suddenly I get a email from someone in Facebook. Yes, I do have facebook as alot of business people are using it these day. Someone from India send me a message.


Hi Kevin,

I'm Rahul and I'm new on Facebook. I got online just to speak to a few Malay people and check if you've seen any UFOs in the Malaysian skies, or any Y Shapes in the night sky.

I know this might sound strange but for the last 5 days, there's been a UFO sighting in Calcutta, India everynight.

And there's this Malaysian gentleman who's been in touch with me about something similar. Have you seen or heard anything of this sort?

- Rahul


So do you think there's UFO in Malaysia? Go google about UFO sighting in Malaysia and you will find one recent sighting in Kuatan last month.

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