Wednesday, January 17, 2007

It's time to blog again. Shanghai ... that's Shanghai on your right. If you look at it, it remind me of Simcity. That photo is not taken by me but taken by my friend, Jeremy. Somehow that guy is quite good in taking some good shot. My only shot is Mr Don the Maltese. In fact when I was looking at my photo album, it's all about Mr Don and some of vacation photos. Maybe I should go somewhere this Chinese New Year. Your brain will be dead if you are only in this country. There's things to see here but limited.

Even going out of this country involved making some decision like whether i want to go to a city vacation, beach vacation, island vacation or maybe countryside. City will be place like Bangkok, Macau, Hong Kong or even China, but China, I might be going mid of this year for business. So I think I might skip city. Island vacation can be real boring especially when there's nothing much to do there except sleeping (if you know what I mean). Maybe I will skip island as well. Countryside? Nar, living in Penang is like living in a countryside. The more I think of it, the more I dislike it. Penang is not that bad actually but places like Kedah, Kulim, etc is really not my cup of tea.

In fact, my friend, James wanted to ask me to go Kenyir for fishing, I even pass that. Talking about fishing, the last time I almost ended up eating frog. Luckily I manage to catch one catfish during the last minute. We were using frog as bait, in fact that's the first time I fish using frog. You clip the frog mouth and use the hook to pook the frog ass. Taufik (or Ah Meng) ... whatever his name is ... will even cut off the poor frog leg ... reason ... so that the fish can swallow the bait easier. Somehow the fish didn't eat that (fish might be thinking ... what the heck is this cripple frog doing here .... fishy).

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