A Short Film by Kevin

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Below is a short film of Don (Ah Su's baby dog). At this moment, I think Don is looking for Greenies (some sort of food) ... enjoy the film.

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Gold Ingot

Friday, November 24, 2006

Gold? I was doing spring cleaning on my soho when I realise I actually have quite a number of these gold ingot in my soho. This one was given by Ah Su. It's not a real gold (if you see properly). A real one would be way too expensive to be simply put in the soho.

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Bagan Lalang

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Took some photos when I was at Bagan Lalang last week. Looking at the photo, I realise I still look young but Ah Su is looking old now compare to last time when I first meet her.

There's nothing much at Bagan Lalang which is located somewhere in Sepang. This used to be a private beach long time ago (Mani told me long time ago before he was married, now he got 2 kids and is expecting his 3rd). So much things has change since then. Even Jeremy has a girlfriend now and my cousin, Sean no longer look thin now.

But I still look the same! I guess baby never get old. Looking at the photo again, my girlfriend, Ah Su change alot. Now she want to build an empire where else brainy like me want to have an easy life. If you don't see me blog as often, that's because I need to build "Rome". Perhaps the next time you see my photos, it will not be a baby anymore but an old frustrated person.

p/s : Building an empire is no easy task ... alot of sacrifices and sweats. Posted by Picasa

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Area 88

Friday, November 03, 2006

After watching Macross Zero, I have not really watch any good anime. The last 2 recommended by Jeremy was not really good such as Full Metal Panic and that anime about some online game, Dot Hack or something like that.

Then one day, I decided to pick up one anime from the store, and it's Area 88. Area 88 is not your typical kid's anime. It's quite deep and alot of emotion in it. Alot better than Macross. Macross Zero is not that good if you ask me, I would still prefer the original version of Robotech or another one called Macross Plus.

For your info, I have not been watching Hentai since 10 years ago. I'm not really a fan of hentai. The last hentai I watch if I'm correct should be that horny rabbit or rat called Hamtaro, I think. Or perhaps it's La Blue Girl or Legend of **something** ... I don't remember that name anymore. I know my friend, Calvin still watch alot of hentai and porn. The only thing abnormal is when someone who watch porn or hentai, keep saying "yeee ... yeeeee ... yyeeeeee" ... feeling disgust about those action in the TV, and yet the eyes still stared at the TV non-stop. Posted by Picasa

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