Monday, July 24, 2006

Densha Otoko (Trainman) The Movie

This is one of the best love story that I had ever watch this year. It's about a nerd who meet a beautiful girl on train and using the internet forum for advice on how to court that girl. It's a true love story. Remember those day when you are going after a girl and you have this fear of calling her or talking to her?

For me, I remember when I was in my car, looking at my phone, and thinking whether I should call Ah Su or not? After staring at the phone for more than a minutes, I decided to press the dial button. The moment the phone ring, my heart start beating fast, and I hope she won't pick up the call. The moment she pick-up, my mind need to work very fast ... looking for words to come out of my mouth. Ohh well, all that is history now, I guess I'm just an "otaku" ...

p/s : I was alot more brave and tactful than the otaku in the movie or else ....

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Thursday, July 13, 2006

My Super Expensive Sandals!!! Su con me into buying it! Guess how much ...

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Evil Su, Hostel and Superman Returns ...

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Su is one evil woman! Whenever I think of the devil, her picture came into my mind. This is just how evil she is in my mind and heart! The photo below is really her true evil color.

Enough of evil su. See No Evil now!

The other day I was watching this movie by the director of Kill Bill. This movie Hostel is bloody violent and not really my cup of tea. Evil Su seem to enjoy watching it. Her favorite part of the movie is when the killer use the saw to cut off the other person. Violent and lot of naked scene, which is Su's cup of tea.

Today I watch Superman Returns, and guess what? Su actually cry! Which make me wonder ... how can an evil person cry when watching Superman Returns and not cry when watching Titanic? I guess she must be crying because she is too happy when Superman got beaten up by Lex Luther! And I bought Train Man from Speedy Video just now! Can't wait to watch this otaku ...

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Friday, July 07, 2006

Pretty Su or Crazy Su?

This is Su's latest outlook. I find her weird! If you ask me, it's a BIG turn off! Imagine your pretty decent girlfriend turn into a wild hiphop girl.

Should have went to worldcup street party in penang, but it's raining cat and dog since 12am. My favorite part of the match is when Zidane headbutt a Italian player and got a red card for it.

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