Going North Again

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Quite a popular Tim Sum in Bidor. But I find it to be just average. Not to mentioned the most expensive Wantan noodle I had there as well.

My favorite drink of all time - Barley boiled with beancurd skin (腐竹). Those Gordon Bleu I had don't even come close to this! This drink is just too delicious. I drank this on New Year Eve in Ipoh. Yeah, didn't even had the time to go party or countdown this year. This is what happen when you and your girlfriend is both crazy about earning tons of money.

The building on the left is where my girlfriend used to work. That's her old 9-5 job, and I still remember she used to tell me that it's important for her to rush home after work, had dinner, and then go for a quick short nap. After that, she will be stalking me online throughout the whole night. Those were the good old day. Now the only one stalking me is Mr Don! At 3am, Mister Don just wake up and is now accompany me in the SOHO.

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