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Friday, September 19, 2008

It had been ages since I last blog anything. I think I had been working a lot since 1-2 months back. It's now mid of September, and I think I had been busy since end of July. In fact, I don't even remember the last time I had my black canyon coffee. I really hate it when work keep coming in, and there's no opportunity for me to rest. But I can't really complain much since the reward is tremendous. It's like the documentary The Deadliest Catch. When it's crab season, you just need to go out and catch as many as possible. Unlike Deadliest Catch, this work is not risky and you don't have to go out to the deep sea.

If you are wondering what has work to do with Mr Don? Well, everyone is busy working like a dog but the dog is busy having fun in the house. Mr Don sleep, play and eat all the time. Such a lucky little fella.

Okay, I hope the crab season will end soon. After this crab season, I will be going off to China again. China remind me of walking, walking and walking!

I just need a quiet beach vacation like Lanting or Pemanggil Island!!!!!!!

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