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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Mr Don hibernating from 2007 till 2008 and he will only wake-up from hibernating for chicken strip. With Mr Don hibernating throughout the hours, I can only celebrate 2008 with a bottle of beer from the freezer. Now, my face is still warm, and my brain is a little there, but not there yet. I don't think 1 bottle of beer can bring me there ...

December had been a very busy month for me. I travel the most on December, from Penang to PJ, back to Penang, back to PJ, all the way to Melaka, back to KL, back to Penang, and then back to KL. Well, I don't even remember how many times. Maybe that's why Mr Don choose to hibernate (smart doggy). Then it's all about unpacking, furnishing, more unpacking and more furnishing! Don't even have time for fishing, anyway, it's moonsoon season nowaday.

Okay, time for me to hibernate as well. HaPPy NEw YeAR!

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