Addicted to Pu-erh

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Few days ago, a friend from Yunnan came visiting. This friend don't drink coke or coffee, he only drink tea. Okay, tea is not so bad, I drink tea too, so I ask him what kind of tea he drink. He told me that he only drink raw puerh, cook puerh, toucha, puerh cake, puerh candy and aged puerh. WAIT THE MINUTE .... it's not like he drink sencha, oolong, green tea or ceylon. He only want to drink one type of tea, and it's only puerh!

So, we ended up hoping many tea shop in KL and Melaka. Not to mention, he also give me puerh as gift. After so many days of drinking puerh in the morning, afternoon, evening and sometimes even at night ... now I'm having some sort of withdrawal symptom. Somehow this few days, I stop drinking coffee few times a day, but ended-up drinking puerh few times a day. Where did I find puerh to satisfy my addiction? Well, my girlfriend do have a collection of expensive cake and I started breaking it for brewing. I'm starting my addiction with her RM100 per piece cake. Although I'm not an expert in this type of tea, but I think I'm lucky to have drink more expensive cake, from very old tea to some rare tea. Of course I had also drink many cheap and loussy puerh in the past! Those that don't even deserve to go into my mouth (that's how loussy the tea is).

Okay, time to go back to my drink ....

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Currently I'm addicted to McDonalds

Saturday, December 08, 2007

I had my lunch, supper and coffee there. They are having some sort of promotion but my obsession is not the food but this sweet looking girl working at the drive-thru. She had all the quality of the perfect girl ... perfect smile and perfect in every aspect.

Okay, I don't think I'm that crazy. That's just my imagination.

Today, while having dinner, Taufik tell me about his new resolution which is he will try not to talk bad or about the negative aspect of a person. He will also ty not to talk too much, too fast, and .... well, I don't even remember what else but he did write all in a small piece of paper, and he carry it with him all the time (to remind him of that). Must be his new year resolution. Well, I don't even have any new year resolution. A woman even ask me what's my vision for my company, and I just tell her that I don't have vision for my company. Come to think of it, it's such a sad situation, especially when your company have no goal or vision, other than making more money. With so much money, I realise it only come with stress. Stress because you start to worry about the value of the money you have. The value is getting less due to inflation. Stress because you start to think that your girlfriend or wife is there to steal it all or to con it all. Stress because you start to think you might end up as a useless playboy flirting all your money away. And the stress just never reach an end.

Anyway, back to this friend, Taufik. He wanted to go fishing during the monsoon season and his female friend (not girlfriend aka it's a complicated thing) think it's dangerous. I told them, it's not that dangerous, afterall I'm the type who like to take risk. We never know what will happen tomorrow and we should live life like there's no tomorrow. His female friend intervene and said "Then we should just eat like there's no tomorrow".

Taufik just reply to her ... "You crazy ar, I don't want to die as a fat person. I want to be slim and good looking."

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