Sexy Picture?

Monday, April 30, 2007

This blog is turning into a boring place ... maybe because my life is getting bored. So I decided to enlighten it sexy woman, butt, etc. I think it must be the straight hair girl thingy. Sean must be drooling after looking at this mui mui jai. Talking about mui mui jai, I think my stupid naive girlfriend never understand that older guy will always attract younger women, but older women may not attract older man nor younger boy. She need to read about the theory of life else someday she will be super misserable.

Anyway, I plan to read more book in 2007, not hamsap book, mind you.

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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

This is not my idea but Su Ling's idea. Mr Don is turn into Don Junkie or Sakai Don. I'm extremey tired, but I still blog so that it will be more consistent unlike Simon once a month blog posting. I think he is too busy, went to India, etc. Talking about India, I meet 2 Tibetian herbalist or sensei last week. One of them inspect my pulses, and told me that I'm high in uric acid and have too much oil in my gout. Then he propose I eat less fried stuff, and take some herbal medicine. The unknown herbal pill is not cheap, cost almost RM300 plus for 100 days of consumption. My business associate even offer to pay for me, but I didn't want any gratitude from him. You never know what is those pill made off, and I don't simply consume anything I don't know. You can never be too careful, unlike Mr Don.

Okay, time to go sleep. I also have a friend who choose not to sleep. He even told me that although he may live till 70 years old, but because he sleep less than anyone of us, he get to live his life to the fullest. Guess what, he had accident few weeks back, went into ICU, had operation and is now recovering. Accident due to lack of sleep, he bang his brand new car to a tree, and had internal bleeding.

Anyway, apart from drinking liquer and some beer once in a while. I try to eat less, more vege, and if possible, I will eat vegetarian. I eat vege because I promise God I will be good as I always bully Mr Don. Put him on some place high so that he can't jump down, hide his toys, cover up his favorite hidding spot so he can't go sleep or hide there. Run up and down the house, pretending as if I'm going out.

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Heart Of Greed

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Currently, I'm watching this drama, Heart of Greed. It's a TVB drama about abalone and dried seafood. It's one long drama, as there's about 40 episode, and I think I watch till episode 10.

Apart from this, I'm also watching the Life Art, another TVB series, but I find that kinda boring, it's about Kevin, an IT guy who live a hectic life (not me, but Kevin Cheng), until he meet this straight hair girl, Gigi. Okay, the only reason I'm still watching it is due to Gigi. I guess I'm a fan of Gigi. In fact, I'm a big fan of some of the Hong Kong actresses such as Gigi, Ada, Yoyo, Tavia, Linda ... don't know why ... somehow I'm still addicted to Gigi. If you talk about nice plot and cast, then Heart of Greed is definetely the one, but that charm of Gigi still capture me.

And ever since I came back from Penang, I finally manage to finish watching Curse of the Golden Flower, and it's not as bad as I thought. I have to admit I watch too much HK flick such as Protege, Curse of the Golden Flower, Confession of Pain and Wise Man Never Die. I might be watching Happy Birthday if I have the time, but the review about it, is not too good. Can you imagine Louis Koo doing a romantic flick? I still remember him as the drug junkie in Protege. Okay, i only watch award winning flick but sometimes I may watch those from Wong Jing such as Wise Guy Never Die.

On a typical Saturday night, I have invitation from friends to go clubbing, then I got friend asking me to go cyber cafe. In the end, I didn't go clubbing or cyber and choose to visit a business associate. I think I'm too old for stuff like clubbing at places like Q bar. When friend tell me about girls they meet there who is around 19 or those college kiddo, I think there's really age gap. I was thinking .. what the heck some old man (not me, but my friends) doing hanging out with some young hippies, and pretending to be young. Okay, that's the clubbing bunch. Then there's another bunch who go cyber cafe. Well, once upon a time, I do go cyber cafe for network game, but again I think I'm too old for it. Somehow it remind me of those overgrown babies playing Magic the gathering or those miniature table gaming, and making those special effect with their mouth. Weird, right?

So you must be asking what people around our age, should do ... what about going to papaya farm or night club? Okay, I'm just kidding, everyone is unique like what Ah Su always tell me. Some people grow up fast, some people are late starter, and some people are destined to do BIG thing in life. So, the question is which type of people are you?

Geee, I talk too much crap, must be the dim sum that I had just now in Petaling Street. I think I better go sleep now else I will start talking more crap. Lot of things for me to do ... later today.

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Dog stuck on the cupboard with no where to go ...

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

This is one of the many prank I play on Don. This one is called put him on the cupboard with nowhere to go. He is too afraid to jump down, and he has nowhere to go or hide. Can't wait to see him again, to try this prank on him again.

I been watching alot of movies and series recently, thanks to BT, I managed to download tons of it. Within a week, I managed to watch the most popular TV series, Heroes. Apart from Heroes, I also watch stuff like Lost and Stargate Atlantis. Unfortunately, there's no more new episode till end of this month (at least for Heroes). For movies, I managed to watch stuff like Confession of Pain, Rocky Balboa, The Queen, Letter from Iwo Jima, The Pursuit of Happyness and Devil Wear Prada. Not to mentioned, I also watched Snake on the plane! You must be wondering how I watch so many, well, I did it in a span of many weeks. Of course I can't be watching everything at the same time, when I'm busy watching those TVB series, then I won't be watching any movies or those american tv series. The last TVB stuff I watch was Best Bet. No wonder I don't even watch astro or TV anymore.

Look like the only picture I do post is Su Ling's dog. Now it's Su Ling's dog, and no longer his brother's dog, as that dog is always with her all the time. Perhaps I will be posting picture of monitor lizard next time. I saw a big one the other day when I was going for lunch with Bing. I think there's quite alot of these lizard in Penang. I wonder if Mr Don is afraid of these giant lizard. One thing for sure, Mr Don ain't afraid of all those giant stray dog living near his house.

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